My Crazy Quilt Garden Plan

My inspiration garden was this one I saw in Australia years ago. My own garden is tiny as gardens go... It is only 14' square... It has an 8' wire deer fence and a 2' wooden rabbit fence surrounding it and has netting over it to keep out the quail... but I perservere...Because it is so small I plant selectively and fill it almost solid. The stepping stones allow me to water and harvest...

I experiment each year but have settled on a general plan so it is pretty AND workable... I have also been ordering seeds for miniature vegetables which has been fun... Didn't have a garden last year because of knee surgery and only limited one this year because of problems lingering from the broken leg... But it is planted and I love it being pretty as well as the fresh veggies. If you're interested this is pretty much my general plan... It took a year or two to figure out what worked best in the design. With all the bits and bobs and roses and containers it reminds me very much of a crazy quilt block...


Ruby said...

Love it Gerry, thanks for so many ideas! Ruby

Susan/CqLily said...

I love this. What a beauty to gaze upon! How in the world do you have time to stitch too?

Murgelchen94 said...

Hello Gerry,

I came from Cobi.
I never saw so wonderful embroidery.
Only wonderful!!!
I link your blog?

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