My Grandmother

I have two granddaughters graduating from college next year and am trying to combine a CQ project and the women in our family for their graduation present. It will probably be an album or journal of some kind and I want women to be the focus...not only pictures but stories from their life.... This my maternal grandmother at about 16.. just before she was married to a farmer who was 36. She was a tiny little thing, barely 5' and she had a very hard life. If you look closely at her shoes you can see her circumstances were not too great to begin with. I know very little of my paternal grandmother and noone left living to tell me.


Rengin Yazitas said...

Hello Gerry,
I'm looking forward to see your new project, it will be appreciated by your grankids.
Thanks so much sharing the photo and story.
All the best,

Maddie Can Fly said...

She may have had a hard life, but she certainly is very pretty. Such lovely hair!

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