An even bigger mess!

Last night it was piles of lace and stash... Tonight I decided to start painting bunnies on buttons as long as I'm embroidering them... I've never painted bunnies before and they're turning out rather fun... Also painting one rather special cottage. I'll post them tomorrow when I'm done. After chores this morning I went to play bridge, had a frozen turkey dinner for supper, stitched bunnies for a couple hours and painted bunny buttons while listening to an audio book....a P.D. James mystery. All and all a truely lovely day!

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FredaB said...


I enjoy your blog so much and envy your painting artistry. Your buttons are wonderful.

I too am addicted to cq and everything I do or look at is thru cq eyes.

I too am a P.D. James fan and have never missed a book. I must try a recording from the library and try it while stitching. I usually do most of my stitching at night with the tv on. I listen and hubby watches and I usually know more whats going on then he does.



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