Marya's Spider RR block

Whenever I do a web I get out my Helen Steven's books and find one of her webs... They are all so simple and elegant... I keep fussing with techniques to keep the web's frame taut and it's getting easier..
I'm the last person to work on this block and there is one small area on the right for Marya to add one more web. All stitching was beautifully coordinated on this block..and what a diverse display of unique buttons.


Pollydo2003 said...

Stunning work, love it, wonderful eye candy.


Ruby said...

Truly lovely work. I love the variety of buttons and spiders/webs and I don't like spiders. Yea, I know they are suppose to be on CQ. Wonder what's the record number on one block. This one surely would compete!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Wow - I would definitely call this one encrusted! Love all the buttons too and the webs are beautiful! There is so much to look at your eyes keep travelling around finding more!

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