What I got on the list and off the list...

 How I did with my list...

1. High thread count white cotton sheets.. I use them as foundation for crazy quilt blocks   and for practice blocks for students.  Don't often find them but always look.
Found one equivalent to approximate 6 yds of material...cost $2

2. Tall clear glass containers to keep my supply of MOP buttons for painting. 
Found 3. These are 1/2 gallon size  cost... $1-2 apiece

3. Clear glass coffee mugs.  One of our favorite restaurants uses clear glass mugs and I think they're really unique.  Besides I'm pretty tired of the mugs we've been using. Only found two but both lovely....  $2 apiece.

4. An electric knife sharpener.  I've never had one and have used a sharpening stone all these years.  If I run across one I'd like to try it.
Only $2

5. High end slow cooker.  I have a dear friend who has never used a slow cooker and I've convinced her she needs to try one.. It may take a few trips out but I'll eventually find one for her.. Small appliances of all kinds are an easy find but if you want a certain brand or special features, it takes a little longer  I want to get her one with a "keep warm" feature and a timer. Saw a lot of them but will not buy one until I know for sure she will use it.  She borrowed one of mine to try it.

6. Big planters.  I have a couple places in the garden I could use them.  Big enough to be showy but not too heavy to move about.  Now is the time look as once the snow is gone comes every single one will disappear.  Did not see a single one...Maybe too late now.

7.  Trim/fabric for stool cover.  I want to cover my work stool and have a piece of lovely tapestry but it is not quite big enough.  I will check the pillow shams and valances at all the thrift stores for something that would coordinate with  the tapestry..  Found this valance which will work and will even use the tassel trim.... cost $1.50

8.  Panettone pan.  Had it at a friend's house last weekend and want to try to bake it.  Found a recipe and don't want to pay retail for a pan I'll only use occasionally.  This also may a little difficult to find but if I keep looking I can find most anything.
Did not see any this trip...this one may take a while.

9. Tablecloths.  I have a lot of tablecloths but I get tired of them so I'm always watching for large ones.. When I get a new one I donate one of my old ones.  Same with napkins, placemats, and aprons.

I found two very large that would fit my table with all the leaves in.  The floral one is not very spring like but is a gorgeous print and quality fabric. $4

 The second one is a very large vintage embroidered one...a real find and it came with 8 napkins... After I tire of this one I'll put it on e-bay... $6

10.  Dessert dishes.  This again something that I have but like a change now and again and when I get new ones some older ones get donated.  I've liked the look of clear glass lately so will watch those shelves.  The Arc and VOA always have the nicest pressed glass and cut crystal. Nothing that had a WOW factor

And now what was NOT on the list!

A new quilted apron... I start the day with an apron and having a new one is a treat.  I will retire an older stained one.

New leather insulated gloves...now is the time to find them for next winter...  And two coin purses which I needed.

A nice wicker tray which is always useful and some new dishcloths.

The two sets of earrings I will use in crazy quilting and I'm not sure what will happen to the green glass beads..

Four new napkins which will easily coordinate with linens and dishes I already have.

Two organic looking necklaces that will eventually be made into one.... an upcoming project.



I'm always  looking for high quality frames for glasses.   I need ones with a large enough lens to accommodate my trifocals.  I love vintage designer frames.  These have a tortoise pattern and were made in Italy and have sferoflex hinges.  These were only $2 and I can hardly wait to use them...

When I was shopping I realized it is only a month before we leave for our 40th anniversary river cruise. For the trip I wanted a light weight durable handbag with lots of pockets and zippers.  This quilted nylon bag will be perfect and has exactly the right length of straps for a short person like me.  This had a yellow tag thus was not discounted... I had to pay the full $5
Now for the pièce de résistance.  Since I will not have to be handling luggage this trip I wanted a larger bag than I usually travel with...and I wanted one easy to recognize on the luggage carousel.  This is a vintage Pierre Cardin suitcase and there is not a single sign of wear on it.  It is beautifully made... expandable with heavy sturdy zippers and lots of pockets.
This also was a yellow tag so I had to pay the full $9.99 for it but I'm so lucky to have found it.
We had lunch at a Thai restaurant which was a new experience for me... I loved it.  All in all a very good day... and not only did my friend arrive to pick me up with a white chocolate mocha, she had the passenger seat heated!!!!..... which was really nice as it was only 19 degrees Fahrenheit. What a great friend...


Marlynne said...

What a fun collection of goodies!

margaret said...

what a great spend you had so many useful things you found loving the suitcase most of all. Have a lovely cruise. Re the specs had my eyes tested £210 ey were £90 still more than I could really afford, verifocals think they are the same as trifocals bread and jam for tea for the next month!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What an amazing array of treasures! Now you have me wanting to head out the door right this minute to go thrifting!! I'm in need of another bed sheet for the very same reason so will have to put that on my list for next time I go.

Marilyn said...

Thrift shopping days with friends are the best. We went on our monthly trip to Spruce Grove and as always, it included a shop at the thrift. I got a kitchenaid stick blender which was good because the one I use for lotions and soaps is just about ready for the trash bag. You did really well on your list...and off it too :)

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