My thrift store shopping list!!!

My "thriftin'" friend and I try to get out once a month at least... By far our favorite day is Tuesday.  She always drives and arrives with a white chocolate mocha for me.  I love being pampered like that.  We are lucky to have many very nice thrift stores in our town. I head first to the kitchenware area and then linens and jewelry. Then I do  a general wander around the store.

We usually go to four stores.  On Tuesdays our favorite thrift store (The Arc) has the entire store (except for one tag color) at 50% off..  We always go there as our first stop... Spokane has two Value Village stores (I thing they are Savemore  elsewhere in the country.) and we hit both of them and Tuesday is their day for  30% off for seniors. 

In between the two VV stores we always stop at Volunteers of America because it is midway between.  Tuesdays their only discount is on their jewelry and it is 30% off.  They have a huge selection of really nice jewelry.  That alone makes it worth stopping there.  But they also seem to have the oddest and least expected items in their store.  It's always the best place for vintage lace and linens and unusual treasures. They also have a great selection of needlework magazines and nonfiction books.   Our favorite stores are super clean and organized beautifully.

After four stores the car is usually  full and we are hungry so we have lunch before heading home.

I usually keep an open mind for the unexpected but I also find it helpful to have a list of things I would like to find but might overlook.... So for this trip I have this list:

1. High thread count while cotton sheets.. I use them as foundation for crazy quilt blocks   and for practice blocks for students.  Don't often find them but always look.

2. Tall clear glass containers to keep my supply of MOP buttons for painting.  I need a couple more.

3. Clear glass coffee mugs.  One of our favorite restaurants uses clear glass mugs and I think they're really unique.  Besides I'm pretty tired of the mugs we've been using.

4. An electric knife sharpener.  I've never had one and have used a sharpening stone all these years.  If I run across one I'd like to try it.

5. High end slow cooker.  I have a dear friend who has never used a slow cooker and I've convinced her she needs to try one.. It may take a few trips out but I'll eventually find one for her.. Small appliances of all kinds are an easy find but if you want a certain brand or special features, it takes a little longer  I want to get her one with a "keep warm" feature and a timer.

6. Big planters.  I have a couple places in the garden I could use them.  Big enough to be showy but not too heavy to move about.  Now is the time look as once the snow is gone comes every single one will disappear.

7.  Trim/fabric for stool cover.  I want to cover my work stool and have a piece of lovely tapestry but it is not quite big enough.  I will check the pillow shams and valances at all the thrift stores for something that would coordinate with  the tapestry..  Would like velvet if possible.

8.  Panettone pan.  Had it at a friend's house last weekend and want to try to bake it.  Found a recipe and don't want to pay retail for a pan I'll only use occasionally.  This also may a little difficult to find but if I keep looking I can find most anything. 

An example:  A few years ago Allie told me her husband bakes his bread in a Romertopf clay baker.  Their price range is about $50-$95 depending on the size.  It took a while but to find one at a thrift store   but I did.  Not only that.. since then I have found three more in other sizes.

9. Tablecloths.  I have a lot of tablecloths but I get tired of them so I'm always watching for large ones.. When I get a new one I donate one of my old ones.  Same with napkins, placemats, and aprons.

10.  Dessert dishes.  This again something that I have but like a change now and again and when I get new ones some older ones get donated.  I've liked the look of clear glass lately so will watch those shelves.  The Arc and VOA always have the nicest pressed glass and cut crystal.

I think this long winter and all the snow has me eager to have something  different and a change.  What I would really love is  to have new carpet and quartz counters in the kitchen but will settle for a new tablecloth and pretty glass mugs.  I'll let you know how I fared on this shopping trip.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I haven't been thrifting in SO long and I'm beginning to feel the need. Having a list is a good thing, but even better is having an open mind because you never know what treasures you might find. Last time I went I stumbled on a very Asian-looking wooden 'thing' that holds a single flower. I bought it for three reasons - our daughter-in-love is Asian; it's wood; and it's unusual. I've been months finding an appropriate flower and today I happened to be in a local store and stumbled on the exact thing I wanted. It was cheap at $2.99 but....bonus!....it was also listed as half price!! Score!

margaret said...

what a massive shop here our charity shops are usually very small and rarely have anything in appealing. Wonder how much on your list you managed to find on your trip.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Looks like a fun day!

IowaKim said...

I love your crazy quilts and thanks to you I look for Romertopfs at our Goodwill stores...no luck yet :)

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