Every cloud has a silver lining!

I love proverbs..... I have samplers all over and some date back to the sixties... I have them taped to refrigerator, walls etc.. and can find one to brighten every day and find a purpose to lift me up  when I'm down..
The other day the proverb most apt was:
and that is what I was thinking as I watched the pigs tearing up everything just outside the window where I work...  It was bad enough they were creating a horrible mess but did they have to do it right under my nose?
But the proverb for today is:
Magpies have always been my favorite bird.. even  living in Alaska. We had them here at the farm for years nesting everywhere and their antics brought me great joy.  Then about 4 years ago the ravens moved in and drove the magpies away.  But the pigs rooting through the snow and frozen ground must have unearthed lots of dead bugs, grubs and worms because the magpies were here en masse this morning working over the mess the pigs made....and they did it right under my nose!!!   What a treat for me.

Many trees in the garden still have the remains of magpie nests...they are very large with woody twigs and the entrance was on  the under side.  This one in an old apple tree was used by a squirrel for its stash of winter food after the magpies left.   One year the magpies built a nest in a hawthorn tree right  at my eye level near the sheep pen and I got to watch all the activity in and out.  I posted when the young fledged.
No pigs for several days now...


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We don't have Magpie in Northern Indiana, but we have Crow and I love them and do what I can to attract them.
xx, Carol

margaret said...

fingers crossed the pigs have gone to pastures new what cheek to be digging up right in front of you. Good to see the magpies back, we have plenty here have counted up to 15 sometimes but they make so much noise!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good for you for being able to look for the silver lining in what is obviously such an annoying situation.

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