Turkey Melodrama

Only   rarely do we  see a wild turkey at the house during the summer as they pretty much stay in my forest nesting and raising young.  At that time there's ample food in the surrounding wheat fields. 

But at this time of year they are regulars at cleaning up under the bird feeders.  Not only does some seed fall from the feeders, we spread some on the ground for the quail.
The turkeys  are usually in groups of about a dozen and leisurely wander in from the forest as was the case on this particular snowy day.

They are greatly tempted by the feed on this  platform feeder.  We keep it well supplied for the smaller song birds. 

Over and over I look out the window and see a turkey on top of the feeder trying to figure out how to get to that seed.

They get as near as they can to the edge and lean over and can't quite reach it.  Turkeys are a very large bird and it take some daring to get in this tenuous position.

They will change position several times to lean farther over the edge and they can sometimes get within an inch of the seed and then lose their balance and fall  off.

Undeterred they fly back up and try again to no avail...  What they have done is make the feeder quite unstable with all that activity.  I'll have to build a stronger feeder this spring and extend the roof out just a bit more.

Also there is another ongoing drama.  The tallest pine tree on the farm is right outside my bedroom window.  Year round it's the favorite perch of our great horned owl and I hear it almost nightly.  But of late it has been louder and more repetitive apparently trying to attract a sweetheart.  I'm pleased to report that  it has been successful as all week I have heard another owl responding....a whole lot of hootin' going on is a sure sign that maybe spring is really coming....although it has snowed all day.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

The 'visual' I have in my mind of a huge turkey toppling off the feeder is too funny for words. They definitely provide entertainment value!

margaret said...

how lucky are you to have so much entertainment provided by the turkeys etc. And an owl too, we used to have a pair where I lived before that lived in the church yard, loved hearing the hoot but was a bit annoying when it woke me up

Suzie in Idaho said...

We don't have turkeys, but we have hundreds of quail that come when I call. I don't dare go out without corn, (could get ugly). We have a bunny this year too, sometimes foxes. Sometimes we have owls which is concerning because I have a tiny little white dog.
I enjoy your posts and the pics!! Funny to think of the turkey trying so hard for the feeder. There must be a lot for them on the ground. Suzie in Idaho

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