Assembing "ladies" book progress

Because of the 3 dimensional aspect of the pages, I'm using pretty much the same technique that I used with my Morris book.  The Morris book was very thick because it had 16 heavily embellished pages and 2 covers.  Because there were so many pages I grouped them into fours and added them to a spine.  If you look at the arrow you can see the groupings... in bookmaking talk these groupings are called "signatures."

There has to be some spacing between these signatures for the book to lay flat when closed and also for it to open properly.. Again look at the arrow and you can see the inside of the spine.  Since it would show I covered it with polka dot material.

It seems like a little step but if you don't do it at the very beginning, it can't be done.

I'm using   Peltex 71F single-sided ultra firm stabilizer.  I bonded it first to the striped damask material and on the back I marked 1/4" intervals and sewed them.

When I turn it over I have a guide to attach each page at evenly spaced intervals and when the book is opened the spine will not even be noticeable. After the pages are attached I will trim the spine to size.

I also bonded the Peltex to the velvet backing of each page and they are quite rigid. Then I basted each lady block to a velvet backing, basted around it and sewed it with the machine.  The striped damask material has a tendency to unravel so I wanted to make sure it was secure before I went any further.

You can see stacked that it will be a thick book. Here it is obvious that there will have to be spaces between the pages.

If you tried to compress the edges to bind the book it would fan up like this.  Spacing the pages on the binding prevents that.

Now the next step is to put a binding on each page.  I would prefer a burgundy color that would match the velvet.... BUT what I have is about 50 yards of wide, black grosgrain ribbon that has been in my stash for years and years.  So black grosgrain it's going to be. These are 9" blocks so it will take a fair amount of ribbon.

And reaching my limit of patience I called County Animal Control about the pigs.  They do not do anything about farm animals and I had to call the County Sheriff.  An officer came out and looked at the situation and gave my neighbor 2 days to pen up the pigs securely or he will get a ticket and a big fine.  I know he will be furious and there will be fallout from this but for weeks we had failed at all attempts to negotiate with him.  It makes me so sad to have to take this step..

I have posted many times about problems we have with him.  It is really a hopeless situation.  This is Google's aerial map photo of his farm so you can imagine how unpleasant it is to deal with him and why he could care less about what his pigs do to my garden.  The arrow points to his deck.  He just throws his garbage off his deck.


margaret said...

It might cause friction with your neighbour but you have done the right thing in calling in the police, here in the UK he I am sure would be made to clean his place up too as it is one big health hazard no wonder the pigs come to you. Hopefully you will not see them again and your garden will flourish once more.

Your book is going to be such a delight what a lovely way to keep your ladies. The black will set it all off nicely.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm so interested in your book making process. Though I have seen a few books such as this, for some reason this one interests me more than any I have seen. I hope you post more about your finishing process.

Man, you Do have a mess with that neighbor. How far his his house from your house? We live in a rural area where our property lots are 125 x 280. The house kitty corner from us has become a rental since a long time neighbor passed away. The man does auto repair in his garage. I have complained to the zoning board to no avail since he has no sign. I called the landlord and that put a stop to most of the noise. However the kid has a truck with loud pipes and now has a car too with loud pipes he must razz at 6 AM before he goes to work. Terry calls the kid Fast and Furious (after the movie). It's really bad when all his friends show up and line the front of the house having a contest on whose pipes are louder. They know the noise bugs Terry since he has been pretty vocal about it. It's a bad situation that we have no way to protest.

I hope you can get some satisfaction with the neighbor. It would seem that the health department could at least make him clean up the garbage. You would think THAT is what those pigs would be eating, lol.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful pointers about putting a thicker book together - thank you. As for the Neighbour from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks - I really hope the authorities will be able to deal with him AND his horrible destructive critters. Maybe setting some hunters loose in the area and have them commit a few 'ooops-zzzzz' stray shots might be a solution (I'm not serious - much).

Marilyn said...

I'll soon be ready to assemble the birds and my first set of Anne Stokes pages so I'm glad you posted your book assembly process.

I sympathize with your horrible neighbour. We have new neighbours whose dog comes over and poops in our yard and since we have DS's dog living here now she comes over and they fence-fight. Nothing to compare to your situation though. Maybe he'll just move away (fingers crossed).

UrbanFrog said...

Wow! Your ladies are so gorgeous! I'm getting inspired :)

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