The parrot next door - post #1494

I finished the monochromatic block in the CQI wool RR. It is the last one and the only one where I was not pressed for time so I enjoyed doing it up right. Don't miss the red-eyed tree frog button (lower right) that I painted for it.  

My best advice to stitchers who are uncertain about color choice is you will ALWAYS be successful if you do either one of two things... 1. Use a very limited palette such as above  or 2.  Use EVERY color.

My closest neighbor is 1/4 mile from me and his  ex wife had 3-4 fluffy little white dogs who barked all the time...  She moved out last fall and when spring came and he would have his door open I could hear a barking dog.  So one day I saw him on the road and asked him if he had gotten a dog or if his wife had moved back... He informed me that neither had happened.  He had a parrot who had learned to bark like those dogs when he was excited.  Mystery solved.

I have no active stitching project in progress although I could drag out the peacock piece or finish the cottage piece for Judith Montano's class.  I could even tune up some of my old RR pieces.  But I'm waiting for the next Diva block to arrive (Nikki's) and am using the time to paint with my new toy  (more next post.)



margaret said...

what a wonderful parrot you have created here. Also the button is lovely, the whole block looks great. Love the story of the barking parrot, must be very peaceful having no neighbours, a bit different from city life

Marilyn said...

Nice close up picture. Now I can really see the stitches well :). New toy? Can't wait to see what it is.

OwlBe said...

That frog is just wonderful - love him! And, of course, the parrot is quite fetching. Your stitches are grand and they seem like they are growing off of the block - wonderful texture. Love your work Gerry.

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