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It's time to register for the CQJP2015 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) and you want to do it soon so you don't miss out.  Because 2014 was devoted to the finishing my suffrage quilt I didn't participate in CQJP and missed it all year.. I like having the structure and focus of a monthly block  and ending the year with a body of work. 

When I started collecting photos of suffragettes, I also collected photos and ads for corsets..  The whole constrictive aspect of corsets versus the fight for personal freedom seemed like an obvious connection and I originally planned to make a collage of the corset photos on the lining of the suffrage quilt.

But the corset photos really needed to be a project on their own..

But  now I want to do something with that collection and the CQJP2015 will provide the perfect opportunity..  The ads are so bizarre and this one makes one wonder how a corset can be the embodiment of grace and what made "flexibone" unbreakable.

In 2012 my theme was my dog Morris and in 2013  my theme was cottages and I love them both.  I not only like working with  a theme, I try to include specific techniques to experiment with.  This year I want to experiment with more floral surface embroidery than I usually use and I want to really make a dent in my stash of lace with these blocks.  I want to use this project to really go through and sort out my laces.. As I think it through I will post my final goals.

This journal project was founded by Kathy Shaw.  There is a blog site to register, see the rules, check out previous years and also a page for questions and answers.  There is a time limit to register so do go now and don't miss out... http://cqjp2015.blogspot.com/


Marilyn said...

Oh way too much fun on this one. I love those old ads and won't it be a perfect way to use up some lace. As usual, I can't wait to see the blocks.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Corsets....oh the places your mind goes. Will be a nice way to use laces and I like the idea of having a photo as a focal point for each block. I too, signed up and you have given me food for thought here.

margaret said...

good to see you are taking part again in 2015, have registered too but no idea what colour way I am going to have this time. Love the idea of corsets that you are using

gocrazywithme said...

Can't wait to see how your corset blocks "shape up". I know they'll be delightful.
And, I think I'll participate this year. Haven't done a RR for a long time, so this might be just the thing to keep me motivated.
Now I just need an idea...

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