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At the CQ Adventure in 2011 Cheryl A. had a tone-on-tone RR block which was all greens. She was looking for ideas for adding contrast without depending on other colors.  Several of us thought of green critters to use as a focal point...   we came up with a lot...  grasshoppers, alligators, frogs, turtles, lizards and various bugs.  But I knew if  I ever had to do a monochromatic green block I'd add a parrot.  So when Theresa color blocks arrived I was delighted the green one was available.

As you can see I have already added my handsome parrot.... now the challenge will be to add more interest and variety using only greens.... I want to do that with contrasts in
value, size and texture.

It would be especially difficult to mark on the wool so AGAIN I have turned the block over and drew the leaves on the back and basted the lines to show through to the front.  Now I will fill in foliage, berries etc. with various greens and various materials.

 I did an extensive post   in 2011 on adding variety and interest with contrasts in dimension, size, and texture...  You may find it interesting.

If I hadn't done a parrot, my second choice was a John Deere tractor...


margaret said...

a wonderful parrot can nearly hear him chattering, and not bad language either jsut whose a pretty boy

Marilou said...

Happy to see you are still blogging Gerry! I need to get back in the groove!
Hugs Marilou

Marilyn said...

I must admit I like the parrot choice better than the John Deere (grin). I really enjoy doing monochromatic blocks. It can be challenging to have things show up but one of my favourite CQI challenges was the shades of grey. I used many things to create texture and interest and I love the way it turned out.

Susan Elliott said...

OK. The parrot is adorable...But the tractor is so YOU!!!!

Dawnell said...

Hi Gerry,
I just joined your blog, but I've been enjoying it for a while
now. I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your posts. I've learned a lot, but being from Spokane your posts always seem like going home. Often I read them at night before turning out the lights and I think about what I'd like to try or learn. I also like to hunt for the next embellishing treasure. When I was doing the quilt shows I knew a Susie that did a book on framing quilts as art I wonder if that is you Susie. I love the parrot and I'm happy that you do you blog. Dawnell

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