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The people I met in Houston through my quilt, jacket or blog were all wonderful.  It would be hard to find a photo of me that I'm not grinning ear-to-ear... One morning I had to go early to get video taped and whenever I had a spare minute I found a quiet spot and started stitching... This particular morning Masako Sakagami asked if she could join me.  She spoke no English and I spoke no Japanese but we had the most lovely visit.

She loved my jacket and asked if I would stand so she could photograph all the motifs... which I did and then she saw the little needle book that I made with Susan Elliott and she photographed...  I showed her my page for broken needles but I couldn't remember the name of the ceremony (of course now I do...harikuyo).  Susie knew a few Japanese phrases but not enough to make this connection.

She is a kimono designer in Toyama-City and her quilt won 1st place in the landscape category and it is quilted. embroidered and painted.


My wanderlust granddaughter came last week for a short visit and I thoroughly enjoyed having her.  As I mentioned before she spent 5 months last winter backpacking all by herself all over South America.  She stayed in hostels, traveled by local buses and did it all on $100 a week for food, lodging and transportation...  She boarded down volcanos, traveled up rivers into jungles and climbed to the top of Machu Pichu.  Molly made the most of her visit as you can see here.

I loved looking at all her photos as she is an extraordinary photographer.  Here is one of my favorite shots.  Aren't these the most beautiful and elegant women you have ever seen?


margaret said...

when it comes to quilting words are not necessary, how lovely to spend time with the japanese lady and what a wonderful quilt she made. Your granddaughter will remember her trip of a lifetime for ever and some lovely photos to remind her in years to come.

Marilyn said...

I think your smile says it all - you had a ball in Houston. What fun when our art can connect us with people from all over the world.

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