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Well I'm trying a new approach.. The little needle shop where I taught last spring is closing its doors tomorrow.. A quilt shop is buying out all the inventory which is left... So I trotted myself over to the quilt store and I'm going to teach    there in November.

Last time students had to bring a constructed block and the focus for 3 weeks was on embellishing.  I have to admit that committed cross stitchers are a hard group to convert... Although I did end up with 8  converted CQers out of 18 students..  This time I'm hoping to convert sane quilters and am starting with a one-day introductory workshop.  I wanted it to be free but the shop owner will want a minimal fee for store space and advertising, which is fair.  It's just an afternoon and I'm hoping to attract stitchers who may be curious but wouldn't want to commit to a series of lessons.. If I get enough interest I can then offer a series of classes. I really want them to be free classes as the whole point is to get CQers - not to make money.

Here's the ad---whata ya think?

  Sunday Nov. 3 - 12-4
  "Introductory Workshop  to Crazy Quilting"
by Gerry Krueger

Crazy quilting is free-form and embraces all aspects of various needlework skills. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The afternoon  will begin with a slide show on crazy quilt history and various styles of crazy quilts..     Lots of samples of crazy quilting will be available to fondle and discuss.  Time will be spent on how to build multiple-layered seams, the hallmark of crazy quilting. Finally the construction of a block for a first project and a guide to the steps for success in crazy quilting. Lots of eye candy, freebies, and handouts. 


Marilyn said...

I'm an art quilter, sane quilter and crazy quilter. I think most sane quilters are aware of crazy piecing, whether or not they are aware of crazy quilting. I think your ad should create some interest. Are you going to have some pix on it? That would help, I think.

margaret said...

sounds a great idea and crazy is the path I started on when I started quilting. Am surprised at how few crazy pieces I see at the quilt shows, hopefully will see some tomorrow when I am off to the Harrogate quilt show.
I suppose if a newbie has only cross stitch things in their stash starting can be a bit pricey which could be off putting, have a great day with the people who come.

Emily C said...

Love the ad. Might want to find a new word for fondle, though.

Unknown said...

I'm in! just let me know where to meet you and a list of must haves for the day! My friend calls the touching of fabric and threads "foozling." I quite agree with both terms. Can't wait for more info!

Unknown said...

I'm in! Just let me know where and I will be there with bells on! Jan Myhre

The Mad Stitcher said...

It would have me. I wish I were close enough to attend. I have been collecting stash to start a CQ but am afraid to start it. The piecing is what scare me though. I know many stitches and can do the seam embellishing. Would have to experiment with the other types of embellishments. I just can't get the piecing started! Wish I had a pattern to go by.

Susan Elliott said...

I might charge a minimum fee of like $5-$10. If you offer it for free, people tend to think it's not valuable. Plus, they may decide they want to come and just not show up at the last minute. You are going to put time and effort into it and that is worth more than free...just my two pence

Cathy said...

Good luck. It's difficult to convert sane quilters. Most want to follow a pattern. A lot of them cannot even coordinate their own fabrics and have to buy "layer cakes" or charm packs. Others just want to throw things together quickly with lots of blank space and call it a quilt. Others are all into exclusively using designer fabrics (I call them fabric snobs). And bad part is that a lot of quilt shows won't take quilts for show unless they consist of three layers sewn (not tied) together - top, batting, backing.

I agree with Susan in regard to nominal fee.

I think crazy quilting uses a different part of the brain than sane quilting. So, I try to stay well balanced!

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