I'm pleased to introduce..............

 Miss Emma Stitchen.  Last week I received this absolutely OOAK pincushion from one of my blog readers, Ann Sweet of "Sweet Stuffins"

She is about 7" tall (with ears) and loaded with so many charms and so much detail that it takes a goodly amount of time to see it all.

Tucked in her arms are Morris and Molly and all around her are images from my blog including Morris's book and my boho bag.

But what really tickled me is that she is wearing a chatelaine.  You can see part of it here with   pockets for scissors and thimble.

Don't you just love the mini featherweight.  The details are incredible but I especially love the coffee and cookie with a doggie treat on the plate as well.

Thank you Ann for this most personalized gift.  I shall treasure it.

I am slowly starting to get my threads on rings a few at a time.  The good news is that I won't need a wall as the back of a door will work as well.  I love all the colors hanging...it is such a visual treat and I love fondling them also.

I have started getting my threads gathered
for the long UFO suffrage quilt.  Aren't they gorgeous?  This project is officially on my list now.  This week I also have to get images of the last 4 cottages for CQJP and get them going as well.

Somehow it is the end of August and I haven't painted a single button..  I'm sure my paints are drying up.  But with my helper we have done lots and lots of pruning and weeding.  The deer fence behind this pile is 8' tall so that give you a feel for how big it is.  It took DH two big pickup loads to haul it to "clean green".. That is our county recycling center and they grind clean green and turn it into mulch and sell it to landscapers... Pretty neat huh?


Marilyn said...

Miss Emma is absolutely adorable. I'm sure she will occupy a place of honour. That is one impressive pile of mulch-to-be. You have been really busy. No wonder you haven't had time to paint any buttons.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a special perfect gift!

margaret said...

such a very talented lady who made your amazing mouse.
You have certainly been busy both sorting threads and wow so much weeding in the garden

Amy in LA said...

Dear Gerry: What a precious Mouse! The detail is extraordinary-your friend has really captured your loves in her gift! I am glad to see some of your generosity coming back to you!
Good work on the garden-wish I was doing as well in humid Louisiana where it is so hot the windows are misted up on the outside each morning, then we have at least one monsoon rain each day to keep things boggy!

Cathy K said...

After your post about the threads and rings, I bought 25 of the rings myself to hang my thread. As my studio re-do is drawing to a close (Bruce is installing the baseboards today and the window is re-scheduled for installation later this week), I was searching for something to hang my threads on. An old coffee mug holder like you are using is PERFECT! Gee, I guess I will *HAVE* to go thrifting to find one! Hugs, Cathy

Marlynne said...

My what a treasure! You must fill very special!

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