It's now or never!

Discovered earlier this month when I hauled out the UFO suffrage blocks that it was with extreme difficulty I could see to work on the dark colors.  Unless I forge ahead and finish I won't be able to finish.....period. I had been more or less paralysed with this project because I was cautioned by someone I respect not to OVER embellish it because the theme is so serious.. Every time I started I agonized over what would constitute TOO much... But now that seems the least of my worries and I'm just thinking "harmony" with anything I add.

It is now my #1 priority and all else can wait.


Marilyn said...

Getting old sucks! I have a lot of trouble working on dark colours too. And if I have the wrong kind of lighting, then I get a headache from that. At least my butterfly quilt was in light colours although I'm going to have to take the binding off and redo it because my machine was not working properly. I'm going to wait until I've calmed down considerably before I even tackle that though.

Susan Elliott said...

Yay! I'm so happy to see this quilt again. I just love it.

margaret said...

yes you must finish this it looks so interesting. Know what you mean about the dark fabrics I too struggle, no that is not true I avoid dark colours when it comes to stitching

Momma Bear said...

I to have that ""failing eyesight"thing. annoying when your body gives up without your express permission.. -.-
and dang it all I love this piece it's serious,yes but it is also a celebration of grit, determination, moxie and femininity in the face of male stupidity! embellish away! our fore mothers deserve to be emblazoned for their bravery!

Marci said...

I'm glad to see this project come out again. As far as embellishing "too" much, didn't the ladies working for suffrage wear lace, beads, etc.? While it is a serious subject, I think you should embellish as your vision directs you. Warning - my opinion may be worth what you paid for it. ;-)
You might enjoy reading about Barbara Brackman's block of the week, on the subject of women's suffrage. http://grandmotherschoice.blogspot.com.au/
I enjoy your blog.

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