If you love lace, don't miss this!!!!

This is the best giveaway I've ever seen....  Freda has the most fantastic collection of lace gathered to give some lucky person..... These are just a few of her prize.  Hop over and put your name in for it......  http://sewwhatsnew-fredab.blogspot.com/2013/08/lace-giveaway.html  She's also making a quilt from old linens which will be fun to watch progress...

I love the rusty crib gate on my little veggie garden and had chicken wire across the bottom to keep the rabbits (aka rotten rodents) out but they had pushed through.  It had been decorated with copper leaves and butterflies (on the left) that looked worse for wear...  So I backed the whole gate with a heavier wire and added a rusted rabbit which will have a sign saying "rabbits unwelcome."  Plus I added bells ...I have bells on all my gates.  I love bells...especially rusty old bells.

I have been so busy that every day just flies by but have several posts to add in the next few days to catch up...  Most of it has been "good" busy like today..and some "not so good"  My outside helper is coming this morning  and I have a long list of work for us to do this morning...and boy do I love help outside.  My CQ stitchers are coming in the afternoon and I'm demonstrating the assembly of a chatelaine (I'm making a second one for a gift and it is from home decor fabric.) and I will post it tomorrow.  And my husband invited guests for dinner but it will be something easy... seafood risotto and a salad....ice cream for dessert. And we will have to eat standing up because NO WAY will all the CQ stuff be off the table.


crafty cat corner said...

Thanks Gerry for the tip on the giveaway, I have added her to my blog list, she's my type of girl.

Marilyn said...

I just sat down for a break from trying to fix the big booboo on my butterfly quilt. So glad I checked to see if you had posted. I zoomed right over to Freda's blog to enter the giveaway :). I love the rabbit on the gate. Wonder if the rabbits would heed a warning that they might become rabbit stew (grin).

Createology said...

Thank you for the link to Freda's lace giveaway. I adore your garden gates. Cute little bunny rabbits....NOT!!! Like our Voracious Deer that eat everything...sad.

margaret said...

hope the repairs to the gate have deterred the rabbits! You have a busy time ahead of you, I am sure the CQ class went very well and dinner sounds nice

Mosaic Magpie said...

Too funny about Hubby asking folks over to dinner when the table is occupied. I wonder why they never think of asking guests in, when we have an orderly house??? Of course those times are few and far between LOL.
Freda's lace giveaway!!!! Have you seen her latest group of blocks?
Bells on the gate...I like that idea!

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