New Chatelaine and Mini Tip

I'm in the last stages of this new chatelaine...  It is a surprise gift for someone who I know REALLY needs it..

This one is not fancy materials but sturdy cotton home deco fabric. I spent a long time studying photos to pick the colors that would go with what she wears.. The colors she wears are quite different from the colors she uses in her work..

It is assembled and ready for the front pockets and buttons and beads.

I have the embroidery done on the front pockets.  Rather than cut the pockets out and embroider, I like to embroider on a larger piece and fine tune its placement on the pocket. and how do I do that you ask?

I trace the pocket pattern onto a piece of clear plastic.  This is a top of a box.

Then I can use the plastic as a template as I work and adjust the design just how I want it.  For the "bird" pocket I wanted the leaves and flowers to   conform to the shape of the pocket and sometimes it required changes in the design. When finished I use the plastic template to mark the pocket when I cut it out.

If placement is not an issue I just trace around a pocket pattern onto a larger piece of fabric  If it is a dark fabric and difficult to mark I do a basting stitch for the pocket shape.


Marilyn said...

I find I use cottons a lot because many of the things I make are made to use, not just for display. I have a bunch of quilter's template plastic that I use for patterns but I've also been know to use vapour barrier since we have a big roll and only needed a little piece off it. Today I FINISHED my butterfly quilt top. I've spend the last 2 days trying to adjust for a shortage of fabric that needed a design change and for messing up cutting the angled corners. At least I had enough fabric to take it back and redo the corners so they worked. Whew!

margaret said...

there is going to be one very happy person when this is completed, another treasure you are in the process of creating

Mosaic Magpie said...

She will love it!

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