Choosing fabric and a thrift store treasure

I was still struggling with recovery from the accident and surgery and contracted a killer of a cold.  I couldn't get out of bed for days and am still incredibly weak and wobbly...  So  I feel I deserve a treat and  I am reserving tomorrow for piecing my CQ2013 blocks.

My initial plan was to use creams and whites but then I remembered this whole pile of pastel silks given to me by my friend Susie W. (Susie of BoHo Bag fame).. I will probably add a few subtle stripes and textures as well.

I had to drop off bags of donations at VV yesterday and so of course I had to do a quick run-through of the store... I found this all silk wedding suit which is  gorgeous silk...  I assume it was a wedding suit as it has a very long train...  It is beautifully tailored and softly shirred around the waist and hips...  I can hardly wait to start chopping it to pieces...

But what was on the back was a bonus..

But down the entire length of back and train are all these tiny silk-covered buttons....91 of them. There is a small bit of crystal beading in the  front but  the straps are elaborately and elegantly beaded ...


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. What luck on the gown. The silk is beautiful and gotta love the buttons

  2. What a find!!! Sorry you have been ill....the fall was enough without you adding a cold to the mix. Wobbly, you say but still able to snag that beautiful dress and those 91 buttons!
    Feel better soon,

  3. I'm so glad to see you posting. I had a feeling something wasn't right in your world, and I hope you're on the mend now.

  4. I was wondering why you hadn't posted for so long. I hope you get better quickly. And what a nice way to perk yourself up than with a wonderful thrift shop find like the wedding suit. Somehow I don't think lots of people would understand our need to cut up lovely dresses - but then they don't see what becomes of the pieces.

  5. Oh Gerry, I'm sorry to hear you have been ill...here's hoping your recovery is speedy at this point...Just LOVE your colors for the block!! Any RR in mind for that one? Have a great time with your wedding dress!!!

  6. OMGoodness. FIRST! I'm glad you're on the mend. Your adoring fans miss you. I'll say prayers for your continuing recovery.
    And, OMGoodness! What a treasure! (would you share how much it cost?) I'm drooling over all 91 buttons.
    Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!
    hugs, Chris

  7. SCORE!!!!! How wonderful!! I hope you're feeling better soon. 91 buttons is pretty awesome...that should help you out!

  8. I just discovered your blog thru Pinterest and I feel like I found a lovely treasure chest filled with all things beautiful. I will be back often. I love your thrift store find! I have found my pretties fabrics at the Goodwill. I look forward to seeing your CQJP2013 blocks. I just joined myself. Thanks for the inspiration!


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