Where there's a will, there's a way.....

The good news is I'm painting again and it feels good...  I either patch the bad eye or, most often,  just adjust the angle of my vision. Occasionally I do paint buttons with holes but mostly I paint buttons with a blank surface so there are no constrictions on whatever I decide to paint.

But over time I have accumulated a goodly amount of these vintage buttons with a pin shank....which means there is an awkward metal nub in the center... I can and have removed the shank which leaves a hole which can be filled with a bead... less obtrusive than the metal nub.  These buttons were usually attached to garments with hitch pins.

The ones I have are glorious mother-of-pearl and a shame not to    use.  So I spent some time coming up with designs that incorporated the center metal nub into the foliage. You hardly notice the nub is there.   And here are a few... Not all are on etsy yet but will be soon.


  1. Your button are so beautiful! I would love to have a bluebird button if you are able :)

  2. Your artistic soul triumphs again. The buttons are absolutely lovely. I sure hope that your eye gets much better eventually because it would be much easier for you to do all you do. Are you all ready for your first cq course?

  3. They are beautiful Gerry. I bet you would figure out a way if you had one arm tied behind your back and you were blindfolded. you're a wonder....xo Susan


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