First thing and my two cents...

When my students registered they got a pattern to make a block... but the shop owner had some blocks made up so if they didn't want to make the block they had the option to buy a pre-made block...  Either way everyone had a block..  I made sure it was on a foundation.  Then VERY FIRST THING I passed around a square template which they traced on the back of their block and basted... This is so their stitching area is well defined...  While they were basting it was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself, my background, and views on crazy quilting which takes all of 5 minutes.

Having your stitching area clearly defined is always a problem on blocks coming through RRs.. Not only do I want the stitching area defined, I personally like having ample ( at least an inch) available outside the stitching area... I'm mentioning this because one of my students yesterday had a block she had from a previous CQ class and saw it as a dismal failure... The most obvious was the stitching area hadn't been defined and she was in trouble at the get-go. Of course I always have an opinion and I saw this block as a marvelous opportunity once a few issues were addressed..  Go to Block Talk to see "my two cents" and see my vision for her block.

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