CQJP2013 - Do I have a plan? and Kathy's boho bag.

I'm waiting  until I can get new cartridges for my printer so I can transfer the image... But other than that this block is done...  One of my students asked if I had a plan when I do a block... My answer is a definite yes AND no!!!!!  I knew I wanted a cottage theme, pastel colors and lots of lace...beyond that much  it is all spontaneous....  moving and testing materials  in my stash....  I used the bees because I had a little bee skep charm I wanted to use....but after the bees were on I decided I didn't like the charm so a skep was embroidered lower left... It was the finishing touch...

Kathy, one of the stitchers at my house, came today and showed me her finished boho bag and it is fabulous... She finished it with elegant detail and has every right to be proud of it.... As a relatively new CQer her work is extraordinary...


  1. a delightful block, lots to see and admire.
    A great bag too, what does this boho mean, have come across these bags before but do not know the boho part of them

  2. I have so much trouble working to a plan. Nothing ever wants to be what I envision at first and usually just working spontaneously makes a better looking project. So, unless I'm making a sane quilt I don't much bother with a plan. Your first cottage block is so nice and your special piece of lace at the bottom is spectacular.

  3. Egads, I love it!!!! I love the colors, the seam treatments and that bee!!!!
    Kathy's bag is great....maybe she will let you share a close-up photo with us.

  4. Lovely block Gerry! Kathy's boho bag is fantastic!

  5. Wow, great bag! Even for a veteran CQer.

    Love the cottage and bees block, especially the charm on the right side.
    I once played the word "skep" in a word game and was accused of making it up!


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