We interrupt this tutorial to bring you this important message!

There are kits for sale on my esty site with lots of goodies for making one of these bags.  But be aware I will be adding 10 more kits this weekend so waiting a few days will give you a better selection.
But don't wait too long because I have a limited amount of fabric cut...

I really acquired all that fabric thinking one day I would use it all but now realize it isn't even possible for me to live that long...

Remember when DH was giving me a hard time about not letting Susie out of the barn....well here's what she was doing! Sorting through bags and bags of fabric and cutting up the choices pieces suitable for bags. Then going through even more fabric and cutting up squares for coordinating fabric..

And what was I doing while Susie was doing all that work.  I was sorting through the piles of squares she cut and putting it all together with a focal fabric for a kit.  Of course she was slaving over a rotary cutter and I was sitting on a stool with a cup of coffee. Well owning the barn does has it perks...  After she went home then I started cutting gimp, braids, and fringes to finish them off.  And aren't they gorgeous?

Each kit includes a piece of high quality, focal fabric approx. 18 x 30" (unless otherwise stated.)...either tapestry, home decor or brocade plus:

• 9-11 coordinating pieces of high quality fabric large enough for 2-4 patches each and a variety of textures, sheens, colors, and patterns.

• Various lengths of coordinating gimps and cording.

• 4-5 lengths of various fringes suitable for use on pocket or flap might include fringes such as chainette, tasseled, and brush.

• 1 piece of fancy beaded fringe suitable for use on pocket or flap.

• 1 long piece of coordinating fabric suitable for a handle or for extra pieces.

• AND a surprise piece of lace or two as I pack your box.


Mánya said...

Dear Gerry, you have put together some wonderful kits! Thank you for the tutorial, can't wait to start making my own Boho Bag!


Carol said...

I wondered if you would sell kits.
I really thank you for the tut you have been doing and sharing your no bulky seam technique.

MosaicMagpie said...

For once I was on top of things. I ordered one of the kits last night. Now that I see these others I am thinking 1 kit may not be enough! I love that blue one.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Lots of great information on your tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible skills. The fabrics and trims in your kits are amazing! I would go crazy in your barn and don't think I would mind being locked in there for a few days~lol.

Sandi said...

Your Boho kits are beautiful and your tutorial makes your process so clear. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous idea Gerry!!! I will be back by your shop over the weekend!!

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