Input from Susie

Susie sent me these photos today of the steps she took after the patches were fused to the foundation..  Step one: sewing around each patch to secure it.. Step two: adding lace to the sides of the seams.  Step three: adding gimp, braid, etc. to cover the edges of patches and lace.

When I get the tutorial all done these photos will be added...  Susie also added and I quote her:

"The other thing you should add to the tutorial is "Gerry's Rule for Victorian Carpet Bag Design" -- When you think you're done .... add more. It really did work for me. Especially after I decided that fancy stitched seams were difficult and time wasters - just adding laces on BOTH sides of the seams made the fancy stitched seams unnecessary....... adding another color trim or ribbon on top of that, improved the look. I kept her 'rule' in my mind and I think it made my bag better."


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. When you use laces like this, do you sew the uneven edge of the lace down too? - perhaps with monopoly thread so it doesn't catch on things? Jane

Sandi said...

I love Susie's bag. And Jane's question is a very good one.

MosaicMagpie said...

I have to make one of these bags and I have just noticed....YOU HAVE KITS!!! I am off to order one of those kits. How easy is that! You have done all the hard work of getting the fabrics and trims together.

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