Last Day

I can hardy believe it is day five and Susie is going home today.  We have had so much fun...  Yesterday I did take her on a long drive through the wheat country and then into the Idaho mountains and forest... We had a yummy lunch in Coeur d Alene and then stopped at 3 thrift stores on the way home and found some GREAT CQ bargains...especially jewelry for embellishing.  Then we stitched until late into the night...

Since we stitched all evening  the bags are gradually coming together.  The gimp and laces are mostly still pinned but you can get a feel of where it is headed.

Mine is more tote than handbag as I will use it to take stitching items with me.  It will be 16" square..
The gorgeous metal thing on the flap is a belt buckle...  I have a fairly large collection of them and Susie picked two  for the bags she is making. 

The back has the gimp sewn and now I'm doing the laces.  First thing today there will be some gold cording couched on the pocket...  I'm working on all sections simultaneously to keep things evened out...
Susie has been working out of my stash and is anxious to get into her own stash at home..

Tomorrow I will show pictures of Susie's bag.

(p.s. Morris is still stinky from the skunk  and also hid a pair of Susie's underwear which showed up 3 days later....)


Sharon said...

Gerry how wonderful it must be to stitch with friends. I cannot wait until the retreat that will be my first time ever cq'ing with anyone. Now I am even excited more...I hope your last day is fun, fun, fun!

Bear said...

this is wonderful thank you for going to all this trouble to show how you (and Susie) made your Boho bags. It wil be interesting to see how over the next fw months how we all make our bags and how they all turn out etc oh so pretty so pretty
(wellllll.... I cant help it you did start the musicals off mine is from My Fair Lady)
love n hugs bear xooxoxoxoxo

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