Susie's Progress

 I wanted you to see Susie's blocks at the point she left here.  She was itching to get home and dive into her stash to finish embellishing them and will send me pictures to post...  As I mentioned before I cut up my focal tapestry but Susie left hers intact and is crazy quilting her outside pockets... Her bag will  definitely be a large slouchy tote with a very long handle which she can wear across her body..

Here is her progress on her pockets.  She was anxious to get home and dive into her stash to finishing the embellishing.  She will send me pictures to post.
She brought a squeaky stuffed toy for each dog which they have adored...  Morris has the octopus and keeps it near at all times... Molly has a whale..  If Morris can manage it, he is on top of Molly's whale while he is playing with his octopus.  He went flying in to wake up Susie this morning and not only was Susie gone, so was the bed.  So he is a little blue today...

Morris not so stinky today but we can still smell skunks in the garden and have found where they are trying to dig under the house...  this problem reoccurs every few years. They travel in groups...so you never have just one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry,
I'm home .... safe, sound and totally exhausted! We pulled every bit of fun possible out of last week! What a delightful time. Poor Morris does look blue, as am I ..... missing both him and Molly. My little Smokey just turned himself inside out greeting me and has followed me around to be sure I don't stray too far.

My brain is so full of possibilities that I don't know what to do first! I know I must dye some laces .... but then again, my new sewing machine did arrive while I was gone so it's hard to focus. Will get in some work on the bag each day and am hoping to have something to photo soon.

Thanks to both you and Ron for the best time ever!


Sandi said...

I look forward to seeing yall's boho bags. I love what I've seen so far.

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