Paul Klee's birds...

When I signed up for the artist RR I never expected modern artists...  My tastes are firmly in the art nouveau, art deco, and impressionist periods...  So I found a solution to Mondrian but had been concerned about Paul Klee...

 Everyone knows I end up putting a bird or two in most of my work  so on a wing and a prayer I entered "Paul Klee, birds" into Google and to my surprise he did do some bird paintings.  

Not many, but here are two... Now my creative little brain has been working on doing birds "Klee style" for Hideko..  Still in the thinking stage as too much life interfering with my CQ.... But the thinking part is fun too... helps pass the time in car back and forth to mom's today. But so far I have conjured up  a way to include fancy seams, sequins,button, beads,  lace, and BIRDS!!!


  1. THIS is going to be fun to see!!

  2. I'm intrigued by your creative brain. Can't wait to see your "Klee".

  3. What a wonderful look his birds have!

  4. Gerrie... check out Charley Harper's birds, too... very modern vibe.


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