Am I angry and scared... YOU BET!!!!

If you follow my blog at all you know how passionate I am about the 20-acre forest I planted... It is my retreat and my sanctuary as well as providing habitat for all sorts of wildlife which I enjoy immensely... So yesterday morning Morris and I missed our early morning walk and went at lunch time. I think that it was that the light was coming from a different direction at that time of day that I noticed something odd.

Upon inspection I found a device similar to this focused directly on the trail the deer and I use...ON OUR LAND ....IN MY FOREST!! They are advertised as wildlife hunting cameras with motion activated and high-resolution and run from $150 up. I could hardly believe my eyes... I took it down and brought it to the house.. My first impulse was to put it in a bucket of water... But waited for DH to come home and he thought we should call the game warden or the sheriff and also since it was very expensive someone might try to claim it and we'd know who it was.....So Morris and I went off to dog class with no decision made yet.

While I was gone someone (a neighbor in fact) called about it and came to fetch it... He said he was just interested in deer photography... DH did give him the camera and a lengthy lecture on our views of the incident... Do I believe the guy?.....since hunting season starts in a month and we have a buck with a very large rack in my forest..... hardly! But the scary part is it is not only the invasion of our property but that camera was also recording pictures of myself and my dogs...when and how often we walked. The very fact someone was sneaking around like that gives me the creeps...I am still going to report it so it is on record if we have any problems in the future....


Laurie said...

Unbelievable Gerry! I would be extremely angry myself. It takes nerve to do something like this, and would I believe him? No. If it were that innocent, he would have come to your door and asked permission. Which I'm sure would have been answered with a hearty no, as I would have done. I'd definitely report it, and put up no trespassing signs.

Momma Bear said...

How frightening!!
this makes me so ANGRY on your behalf!
I would report the incident with pictures and the fellows name address and anything else you have on him , **RIGHT AWAY!!**
my dad came from Wisconsin and there are more deaths in that state from irresponsible hunters than a place else, because they will tresspass on other peoples property and shoot with NO regard to the people who may live there.
all they see is "forest" not "HOME"
report this guy right away and be very careful this season
that a neighbor, who should know better, would trespass so brazenly on your homeland is cause for deep concern! I might even warn other of his neighbors about his ILLEGAL activities on your land! make him think twice before he ever does that sort of thing again!
Please, please be careful Gerry!

Rose Anne B said...

You bet Gerry, I'd report it but not sure I'd have given to the man before that though. Yes reporting it would definitely help if (God willing nothing does) something in the future happens. Take care.

Carol said...

Please do report it...for all the reasons you have already thought of.

If it were photography, don't you think he would have asked permission.

On the other point..you just never know about anyone. I have 3 cigarette butts that were left in front of our front window...even with the blinds closed. In my mind I have them for DNA but you never know why anyone watches...my teen grandsons live with us. that's the MOST scary part for me.

God you can't even feel safe when you own acres!

Bellesanbeaus said...

No one likes those creepy moments...I dislike feeling so invaded and vunerable at the same time. You have worked so hard to create a peaceful place and I am sure this is no surprise to your neighbor. The sense of entitlement is so maddening. I have had several people trying to take an old a/c outside unit off my house..it doesn't work but theres no "free" sign on it either. The one that did disappoint me most was a van pulled up the the man sent his kids to do his dirty work. Wondering if respect has gone the way of the dinosaur. Sending you comforting thoughts and well wishes...Beth

Lauri said...

Maybe you should get a camera and put it on your property line. Aim it at his house and tell him you are interested in photographing idiots doing something illegal

Anonymous said...

These days we live in are critical and hard to deal with. Respect and love for neighbor seem to be a rare thing. I am so glad you found it, and can now take steps to correct the situation. Just being aware can help. Forewarned is forearmed, now you know to be wary. I am so angry, as the others are, on your behalf. Take care, Gerry. Suzie in Idaho

Anonymous said...

What an incredible invasion of privacy! Report the perpetrator to everyone you can think of including the other neighbors. Post your forest right away as well. Sending good wishes your way.

Jan Myhre
Spokane Valley

Suztats said...

You have every right to be angry and scared, for what this person did was to violate your privacy and strip your sanctuary of its safety. I do agree with your other readers that it is a good idea to report this person to all the authorities. He has already trespassed on your property without concern for your rights. Such a person is not to be trusted. Do take care.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Suzie in Idaho. She could not be more right:) Doing the proper thing by reporting it and protecting yourself is the best thing to do. I am sorry your privacy has been invaded, it make one feel very uneasy. Hopefully it wont happen again Gerry. I hope you have a better day!

Ann Flowers

Pam Kellogg said...

Gerry, I don't blame you! I would be totally creeped out too and I'd be quite protective of that deer as well. Reporting is a good idea. Keep your eyes open for more of those things.


Ati. said...

I would have been furious too. The brutality to add a camera on YOUR tree without asking. And the feeling that you cannot walk in your own forest free and unseen.
Go to the police Gerry and report it!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I hope you have reported it Gerry - this would really creep me out! Do you have no trespassing and no hunting signs posted in your forest? I don't know all the ins and outs there although I imagine Fish and Wildlife would be able to advise you. Here you need owner's permission to hunt on private land and having the signs up just lets them know not to bother asking. If your buck goes missing I would certainly be suspicious! How hard will it be to police the area during hunting season?

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