Delicious list making

On occasion my HWCH is out of town for a week or more... Next week is one of those occasions....for 6 days.. I spend the week before making the list of things I want to do with ALL the extra time....For me extra time comes about for 3 reasons

1. I don't have to cook... I've already stocked up on frozen dinners for one.
2. I don't have to listen and make intelligent conversation which seems to take enormous amounts of time.
3. I can set up card tables everywhere and have several projects (aka messes) going at once. Without stopping to clean up or move things, I can go from project to project as the spirit or muse moves me...

Then there's the list..... It includes the funnest things possible... this time working on Cobi's stumpwork, piecing the alliance quilt entry, designing and stitching peacocks and some texture work on challenge block.... And since I need to dye some lace for the peacocks I might as well dye lace for the spider block and dye the BJP blocks.

Then there's the "have-to-dos" for the list like fix the gates to the small pastures, clean out tub drain, pay bills...etc.. None fun and certainly not negotiable.. Finally falling the bottom of the list are things that are negotiable ...like alterations, cleaning out refrigerator, etc... (nothing is mouldy yet.) Maybe if I can get DH to sit in the kitchen when he returns I can make intelligent conversation AND he can help me clean out the refrigerator...
And of course I will begin the search for the other door!!!!!

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