Bin Control

Ahhh! Seems like only yesterday...... well maybe the day before that I was so smug about slashing my stash into one bin..... Well it so happened I had to pass my favorite thrift store on my way to the doctor yesterday...
Bought just a few treasures...The ties are not a big problem as they go right into my Alliance quilt bag. The patterned one is a silk Bill Blass and has all the perfect colors for that project..so they take up no bin space... Found a pair of "sun" earrings...no problem... On the lower right is a chiffon blouse, which when beaded, will be perfect for my "Garden Good Witch" gown.. Again no bin problem as it goes into witch bag.
But the lovely black and beige is an entire dress. It coordinates beautifully with a whole collection of browns, blacks, and rusts that I am saving.... But a bin problem because of the size... I will have to be strong and cut it up.... The puffy white top makes fabulous flowers and I can dye it.. Had some red like it once and shared it with Cathy... I want all of it...
Years ago when we were first married my husband pronounced that he was limiting his wine intake to one glass a day... He has stuck to it for the most part but over the years I noticed that he kept buying bigger wine glasses... I've decided to follow his lead and the next time I am out I'm going to buy a BIGGER BIN!!!
Two post day...read on!

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