Wendy's RR Carnival Block Progress

I really wanted to capture the carnival spirit on this block and have the masks done. The polymer jester is just pinned on as there is something going in the empty space next to his head and I don't want to try to stitch around him....

I know, I know.....it doesn't look very encrusted yet. But there are a couple of fans, noisemakers and ribbons on the masks to add but I should finish it this weekend.

What I learned working on the three leather masks? I didn't need to couch and then trim. I could have trimmed to size and then couched. Leather is very forgiving when working over seams. It is a absolute dream to paint on. I will move my little leather stash into my CQ stash and keep an eye out for more fine leather.... definitely a keeper as a technique. (See posts from 2 days ago)

I also used the technique I learned from Robin Atkins for attaching a cabochon by making "bead stacks" and lacing them together... It's great and will use it a lot. Would be great for the little mirrors, odd shaped stones. etc. also This would be a great demo for the retreat..


Debbie said...

One word Gerry...GO-A-JUS! Debbie (Maine)

Anonymous said...

Terrific work, Gerry! Am looking forward to learning about the bead method next Sept!
The leather is inspiring. I have a wee bag of snakeskin and lizard leather I picked up as a grab bag at Tandys to use for dragonfly bodies - will have to look at more possibilities now!
PS the word verification is "bellies" - how did it know it was me?! roflol

noyumberry said...


Jo in NZ said...

Look at your seams Gerry!! You go girl! LOL

Wendy said...

Gerry, I love love love it! My block is gorgeous! I love everything that you have done to it.

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