Deepak Chopra success - #1 son

My friend Kerry and her daughter went to see Deepak Chopra recently and I chuckled at her comments... When my oldest son turned 49 he decided if he were going to live a long time he had to make major changes in his lifestyle. He was overweight, under a lot of stress, smoked cigars and drank too much.. Even though he worked very hard physically in the summer, it wasn't the right kind of exercise and he was sedentary in the winter.... Frankly I thought he was a walking heart attack waiting to happen

You can see in the picture on the left (next to me and my big fish) that he was a very big guy.... 2 1/2 years later on the right he has completely changed his entire life. He lost 70 pounds, quit the cigars, has become an expert on nutrition, does yoga and exercises and only has the occasional glass of wine...

Last fall he ran his first marathon and now is training for a triathlon.... I am so proud of his tenacity and achievement but honestly a conversation with him is a monologue on nutrition... Since he does all the cooking in the winter, his sweet wife has adjusted to this diet... Unfortunately, try as he might he has not been able to convert his overweight mother..... The minute he said "You must give up butter on and in everything", my response was "WHAT? NO BUTTER???"


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Ger! Well, the first thing dh did when he saw the pics was comment on the fact that fish is almost as tall as you! DD has not been home to see it yet but I know her well enough to know she will look at the second pic and pronouce your son a "hottie". Not bad at over 50!! Good to know it is not too late to get in shape - gave me some inspiration!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Gerri, your son looks terrific and I am so happy for him!
My DH had the lightbulb go on after New Year's this year so he is embarking on a lifestyle change too (for him, it was excess sweets+retirement= 30 extra pounds).
Our son, still at home, is a nutrition expert and fitness nut--we call him the Food Nazi. But we are coming around to his way of thinking.

Thanks for swinging by my blog today...I hope you WILL enter the Alliance contest!

Carol said...

Gerry, your son looks terrific! My grandson tells me the sme thing about butter....did you see how much butter Bama put on her muffin? Don't you know butter is not healthy. You're going to have a heart attack.

I remind him there is no history of heart problems in our family and that I have no other vices..not even chocolate! So there.

But now when I butter anything I probably do use less so I don't have to listen to him!

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