Masks using leather

Some of you will remember when I was working on the Gypsy Rose block I finally settled on leather for the tambourine and how I happy I was at the ease of working with it and how appropriate it was for the tambourine.I have collected very soft leather for making shoes for my dolls and have a lot of colors so I wanted to do at least one mask in leather but have done three.

I am not going to trim them until I have them couched to the block with gold cording... But the leather is a dream to paint, holds a shape, and extremely easy to sew.
You can see one is a very soiled white glove but most of the glove had lovely useable soft leather... Definitely something to keep in mind when I'm doing the stumpwork... The red leather has a lovely texture and will be beaded after it is attached and faux feathers added to it...These have been fun.

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