There'll be a bonnet upon it!!!

Cathy K. recommended that I blog how I made the little garden hat for the daffodil block... First, on felt I stitched a tiny gold braid in a flat circle about 3/4 in. Sorry the first picture is a little blurry.

Next I turned it over and stitched a button, actually 2 button one on top of the other......then I trimmed the felt away and using the buttons as a form I stitched the braid down for the sides of the crown

Then I took another piece of felt and stitched the same braid in a larger circle and then cut it out and then attached the "button" crown and a little flower and ribbon... If you click on the hat and enlarge it you can see quite clearly how I stitched it.. The hat is 3-D because the 2 buttons are still inside the crown!!!

I was able to finish the daffodil block while staying at Cathy's house... I'll post it soon.

Cathy and I did a LOT of serious stitching...along with having a lot of fun plus shopping at thrift stores, antique stores, a needlework shop and a bead shop.... plus a Home Decor fabic shop. I will write an entire post on Cathy sewing studio and her organizational skills... It was all great fun and just what I needed


Cheryl said...

Sheer Genius!

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable. You are amazing!!!! That is so cute and wonderful!

Ann Flowers

Jewels and Finery said...

I was going to ask - how was the hat made, so glad I carried on looking at your blogs. Love it

Ati. said...

How great is this to met each other in person! Lucky you! Hugs from a bit jealous person ;)

Betty said...

You are so clever Gerry! This is a wonderful addition to your work!!

gocrazywithme said...

The hat is incredible, Gerry! Looks real enough to put on and step out the door.

Looks like you and Cathy had a great time together, too! Good for you both!

Willa said...

Amazing work... And Cathy is also amazing fun and very talented in her own right. Great Blog... and cute title.

Nicki Lee said...

Love oyur adorable hat and will have to try making one for a tea party block I'm working on.

You and Cathy must have had a great time - I know she was looking forward to your visit. Isn't it a blast to be able to get together with your crazy friends.

Lauri said...

Nu Mom
You couldn't come another 4 hours and come see me? =(
Daffodils are one of my favorites too

Ruth said...

Gerry your technique for the hat is coiled basketry. It's actually easier to do it from the top down. Well done any-who. It's so tiny!!!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is so sweet Gerry - I love it!

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