Progress on Marya's block

I finished lace, ruching and half the beading and was anxious to work on center so will finish beading around the heart later. These roses are only PINNED on here at this point and will attach them and finish the floral spray today. I made some leaves last night but they were wrong and I was tired. I make roses separate from the block on pins and when I finish this block I will do a mini-tutorial on how I do them.

I have had a couple problems. One: everything kept catching on the lattice so I will have to tighten and secure all the threads when I am finished. Second: Marya has a very stiff and crisp interfacing as a foundation and on a large block it has made it difficult for me to manipulate the block to stitch.. But other than these two little things I should finish by tomorrow. I used my fabulous thrift-store ribbon and the roses are much more gorgeous than they show in photo. Husband is out of town and Dr. threatened me with another plaster cast until June unless I stay off leg.. So "Big Boot" and I are just stitching and stitching and stitching away....

p.s. So far this "Heart" block only has 2 hearts. But by the time I am done it will have at least 9/10 more!!!!

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