2009 Challenge Block - Step one

Below is a reproduction of a vintage postcard. I received it as an advertisement 8 yrs ago and kept it as I loved the little birds. It will be my inspiration item. The colors are perfect. I had wanted to make ribbon pansies anyway for the challenge and even tho birds are not on the list I will add these lovely birds in 3D stumpwork.....and a branch with leaves could qualify for April's challenge.

So I have begun... I already had painted on this block for the January challenge but will touch up the painted motif to blend with the postcard pansies. I've added the corners of 3 hankies. I'm always looking for ways to repeat variations of elements and colors to give continuity to a block.... I had already added the silkie and will leave it. The color palette will come from silkie, fabrics and the postcard. And of course, as always, I have to add the lace. Besides the hanky corners, other recurring elements will be pansies and butterflies... Gold outlining (as on the postcard) is another element I'll use to pull everything together.

See planning step below.....

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