A friend in hiding!

She's about thirty feet from the house escaping the heat and munching on gooseberries. The 200 acre farm next to us has been bought by developers and will soon be houses. I know the first thing the new residents will do is complain about the deer when they built on wheat fields that deer have grazed for 100 years. Wouldn't this make a great jigsaw puzzle?


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Lovely picture Gerry! It took me a moment to find the deer - maybe instead of a jigsaw it should be a new nature version of "Where's Waldo?" roflol

LouAnne said...

Yes, Gerry! Would be a wonderful jigsaw, but a very difficult one! I think I'd prefer to do the one I just finished - it's one of a WONderful old crazyquilt and I bought it at Big Lots!

Love Bears All Things said...

It's sad. We're slowly taking away all the natural habitats of wild animals and then are upset when we see them in our neighborhoods.
Mama Bear

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