My 4 1/2 finger twin

A stranger called the other day and had a friend visiting from California who had small flock and could he bring her over to see my red-headed sheep that he had heard about. She was about my age (a little older), about my size (well much thinner) and I have 10 sheep I raise for milking and she had 12 sheep that she raises for wool as she is a spinner.

Well we hit it right off and if she lived closer we would probably be very good friends. We talked sheep and were having the best visit when she noticed my left hand. We BOTH had cut off the pointer finger on our left hand just below the first knuckle. I have never met another woman who had cut off a finger, let alone the SAME one I had cut off... That cinched it...we are practically twins. And how did you cut off your finger you ask?... read on.....

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