Cobi's Fan Block

My work on Cobi's fan block #4. I'm sad that this RR has ended. It has been by far the most enjoyable for me. All the blocks have been just sumptuous and all the work by others before me was splendid. Just the variety of ingenuity of the fans in this DYB RR would be worthy to add to a scrapbook... Personally I prefer to "construct" fans from bits of lace, ribbon, findings etc.


Cathy K said...

Stunning work, as always, Gerry. And it goes so well with all the rest! I loved this RR too! Hugs, Cathy

Cobi said...

I'll try again to comment, hopefulle blogger will recognize me this time. you've done a fantastic job on the block Gerry. it is plain gorgeous. I too regret that this rr is over. I'm still stitching on Jo's block and that's the last one for me. if another fan rr gets started, I'm in! thank you for your lovely work.

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