Jewelry Case to Needle Case

At first I thought this soft little thing I found at a thrift store was a little purse, But after some more thought I realized it was a travel jewelry case. It folded into thirds (about 3x6") and inside had 1 open pocket, 2 zippered pockets, and a stuffed "tube" down the center..obviously for rings. The tube had a precious frog closure at the end of it.

I folded it in half (5x6") and cut it down the back to insert two pieces of cardboard to make the sides firm. I glued gimp along the spine to hide the slit.

1 comment:

Bear said...

its beautiful
and whats more you have given me an idea of what I can use my inherited one for- thank you for showing it and I absolutely adore yours
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoox

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