Best laid plans!!!

It can never be said that one of my virtues is having a plan and sticking to it! It is not that I never make plans....in fact I'm always making plans. But in fact I can't ever remember sticking to a plan...  One of my favorite saying is _
"She who is flexible never gets bent out of shape." and when it comes to planning I am definitely flexible.

One of the beds I loved at the farm was my peony bed.  Nothing in it but about 50 peonies.  "My plan" for the new garden was to have a smaller version and I have been digging sod and sifting dirt all summer toward that plan...  But the soil in that area just doesn't drain that well even though I have added lots of sand and perlite. So one....I don't think the peonies are not going to be that happy there. Two I'm adding so many plants that I am running out of room.  So I am going to have a mixed bed in place of just a peony bed.

Peonies have such bold foliage that any companion plant has to be able to hold its own.  Tall iris and  daisies would work and I have been looking for a spot for my perennial blue geraniums (Johnson's Blue) which gets very large and could work there and of course there are the 100s of bulbs that will be here in a couple weeks. Even though not a strong foliage, doronicum would make a nice transition between bulbs and  peonies and would politely sit afterwards.  Even though I am a failure at following through on a plan I love making them.

Princess Diana clematis has recovered nicely.  I don't think I shared that DH ran over her with the wheel of the lawn mower . My perennial sweet peas are blooming like crazy.... finally.

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gocrazywithme said...

Hi Gerry, I am loving your developing flowery yard. I planted a large veggie garden this spring and it has taken over. We have a fenced in area for it, and walking in the gate (my grandfather build the gate and it was originally used for the pasture at the home where I grew up)is like walking into a jungle. Where to step? Is it safe to reach into that wall of foliage for a tomato? Are there still ditches present? (haven't seen them in over a month, but assume they're still under there)

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