Some things just can't be hurried.

When I had my hair short it looked okay the first couple days after it was cut.   But in two weeks I looked like a shaggy dog.  It seemed my hair grew an inch a month.  I was sure that in a year I could get it into a pony tail but apparently not.  It has been a year and a half and I can barely get it clipped backed without wisps working loose... So I figure at least another six months anyway.  Hair is one of the thing that can't be hurried and if I want it long I have no  choice but to be patient.  I'm grateful for all the things   in my life that have taught me patience.

Patience is something which must be learned and practiced. Embroidery was probably the very first thing that taught me patience... It has to be stitch by stitch and nothing can hurry it... stitch by stitch.  I always love the rhythm of it.. It always calmed me and freed me of  anxiety.
I really miss it.

Gardening is another passion that requires patience. Things grow and bloom in their cycle and I just have to be patience and wait.  I have blogged about how I wanted the clematis "Duchess of Albany".  It has taken 5 plants and 3 years but yesterday I had my first bloom..  All I had to do was to persevere and be patient.  The largest plant is loaded with buds.  The next larger plant will bloom next year and the smallest plants will require more patience.

My love of cooking is another exercise in patience. . Instant pots are all the rage now but I am not an instant pot gal.  I like putting my ingredients together and putting them in the oven at a low heat and being rewarded with taste and flavor that just can't be hurried..... time and patience.

Of all my samplers on my walls my favorite is " Yard by yard, life is hard.  Inch by inch it's a cinch."   Time and patience. I enjoy the anticipation of waiting for something I saved, worked or wished for. 

For me patience is perserverance and an attitude.   Yesterday I was rewarded for  patiently persuading DH for the last four months that we needed to sell the farm and downsize... Now he finally admits that it was indeed time so now we can move ahead with the process.  But I had to admit I was running out of patience on this one... husbands just can't be hurried....at least mine can't!!!!  Time and patience.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I like your hair cut. You are at that in between stage of being short and being longer. Patience is definitely needed, or like so many, they cut it short again.

Patience is something needed every day that is for sure. Life doesn't always go according to plan, and that's when we need the gift of patience to get through it, that and for me trusting that God is working all things out.

Happy summer and looking for a 'down sized' home just right for the two of you. ~ FlowerLady

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, don't they say patience is a virture? You know, when we were young we bought our house out of necessity and thought we would only stay here a short time and move to our "forever" home. I wanted bigger and better. Here we are, still here and living in a house the size we would downsize TO at this stage in life. I was just thinking how this house is now the perfect size for us. Glad your husband came around. Best wishes that just the right person finds you quickly.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yay! I'm so happy your DH is now on board for moving. Now you just have to hold him to it!! The work involved in getting ready to sell will seem like a joy if you know what you have to look forward to. Husbands do come around (most of the time) but you're so right - it does take patience!

cq4lefleur said...

Great blog. My Mom had a little wall planter hanging in her kitchen for many years. It said “never hurry, never worry”. Words to live by, I always have to remind myself.

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