Spider Bag and Morris's Vacation

Although I took the spider bag along, Mexico was not conducive to stitching.  If I had the time there was inadequate light.  But I did make some progress with ribbon leaves.  After all the leaves are finished I plan to go over them in spots with alcohol ink to add more definition.

Also after the greenery is all done I will go back in and enhance most of the webs.  (see pink lines).

When I was doing a lot of round robins I always made extra blocks so I would have one available if I decided to join at the last minute.  I found a black one that will be perfect for the pocket on the back of the spider bag.

For the last five years we have gone to Seaside Oregon in October with some friends and stayed right on the beach...no dogs allowed in our condo.... and every year we abandoned Morris with a sitter.  We would watch all the dogs cavorting on the beach and many times each day we would say "Oh Morris would just love this."

So next week Morris gets his own vacation on the beach with our full undivided attention.. Lots of walks, belly rubs, cuddling, meals on time and treats galore. 

We are going to Westport, WA for 5 days while the cheap winter rates are still on.  I plan on doing no cooking, lots of stitching on the bag and watch the waves roll in and out from dawn to dusk.

I'm also leaving the laptop at home so don't expect any posts for awhile.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

if I would send you a picture of my Min Pin Harley, his face would look just like Morris, except Harley's ears bend at the tips. Glad Morris is getting a vacation. We don't even go to the store without feeling guilty that we left our dogs home alone. It's ALMOST embarrassing to say that.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Your leaves are coming along, have a great vacation, and the wedding looked fabulous!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lucky doggie! We would all so love a beach vacation and all that entails. Enjoy your vacation Morris (oh, and your people too).

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