A kiss for grandma!

I'm home well and safe. The wedding was absolutely lovely and I knew the venue was remote but I didn't realize it was on a mountain in a rain forest.  More about that in another post.

This is one of the shots set up by the photographer.  Madi is  29 and Ryan is 33 so they have their feet on the ground and they seem very well matched.

 I much prefer this candid shot because it captures the festive atmosphere of this whole 5-day event.

My son and his wife and DH and I were the only people out of the fifty there that were over 40 so we pretty much hung out and watched all the 30 somethings  having a grand time.

There were lots of pictures taken and I had this same grin in every one.  I just had a grand time and will share more in a the next blog.  The jacket and the necklace were a hit and also my funky shoes..

DH took this picture of Madi and I.

But this picture is my very favorite and it is the one I'm going to frame.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congratulations all around! The bride and groom look so happy - as do the grandparents. So glad you got home safely too.

Shirlee Fassell said...

You look like a cool 😎 grandma! Love the jacket and that picture of the kiss is wonderful. P.S. DH looks pretty nice too.

Momma Bear said...

Congratulations! the bride was beautiful the venue was beautiful and so , my dear, were you in your snazzy coat! It looks like it was a lovely day all around.

crafty cat corner said...

You look wonderful and such an inspiration.

Helen White said...

Wow Gerry looks like it was a fabulous wedding. Welcome back! I missed your daily blogging and have been reading your archived blogs while you've been away. You are a natural for this for sure!! I can't seem to get my blog off the ground...I'm not sure if I've got it set up correctly. Maybe sometime you could do a blog tutorial on how to set up a blog ... lol.

ps: loved those crazy shoes ... I've been wanting a pair of them too :)

FredaB said...

Gerry she made a beautiful bride and I loved the picture of you and her. It is perfect for framing and keeping. You looked great in all your finery including the shoes. We need some fun in our lives. The venue looked fantastic. I would love a vacation there.

Now back to real life and stitching.


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