Our villa....villa boda

  There were 3 villas on the grounds and we  shared one with my son and his wife and another couple.  It was the smallest villa, "Villa Boda", and had 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, 7000 sq/ft.  It was just lovely.   It was all open and airy and exquisitely decorated.

There was plenty of room for large gatherings and a fully equipped kitchen which you could cook for yourself (which we did) or hire someone to cook.

The view looked over the rain forest to the sea.

All the bedrooms had their own bathroom and this is ours.  Check out the shower.  I had to use the little stool to see myself in the mirror which was obviously hung by a very tall man.  The price varied by season and I believe our villa was about $380 a night which is not bad if it were shared by 4 couples. On the way home we had to pay $80 for a very shabby room in a Day's Inn near the airport. And the bathroom was nothing like this.

All the wedding party stayed in the main villa which was HUGE! There were at least 20 people staying there. 

One section  was 2 stories with a roof top party area. There was also an outdoor pavilion where the young people  gathered for dancing in the evening and yoga in the morning. 

It was at this magical venue that my son gave away his only child, his beloved daughter Madison

Madi lives in Alaska and did an unbelievable job organizing this wedding from there.


Margaret said...

Oh my! Congratulations on your grand-daughter's wedding...such a beautiful spot. Opulent, even! So glad you were able to share in the celebration!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful photos - both of your family and the amazing surroundings. What an amazing place to have a wedding!!!

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