Using "filet" crocheted pieces for journal covers

 This was an easy project and I will share my  secret  with you for making it even easier.

I often make journal covers for gifts. I like them to slip on and fit snugly but still be removeable.
What I've always kept a eye out for over the years are these simple "filet" crocheted doilies/placemats. Since they are not fancy they are usually very reasonably priced.  I have gradually filled a small drawer with them and use them often as a base for lace work or covers.
 I even buy them with filled areas as it will all be covered anyway.  The grid is so nice to work on.  I buy odd sizes also as I often have to piece a couple together.  Again they are covered so it matters not that they match.

When I use this one I will probably cut out the center section and piece the two outside parts together so there is lace all around.

Again damage does not matter as it will be covered and then the price gets even cheaper.

You start with something retangle.  It doesn't have to be a correct size....just wider so any extra hangs out top and bottom  and longer so you can have flaps to fold back..  You could even combine two (or more) pieces to make the rectange...  This time I started with a rectangle doily (or doilies) about the size of a placemat....

I added all my bits and pieces before I folded the flaps back. All the laces have been stitched on the outside and it is ready to put on a journal. So here it is with the flaps folded back and the elastic cord "loosely" woven around...see arrow.  I do not pull the elastic snug until all the cover is finished and it is on the book.

  Then when slipped onto the journal it fits just perfect and the elastic keeps it tight and from slipping about plus it gathers the excess lace just a bit....

When I added the elastic cording I started in the middle (both top and bottom) and went across one way going through the flap and then turned and went ALL the way across through the other flap and back to the middle... Then I could knot the ends and leave a little hanging for adjustment... 

Here is another journal cover I finished the cover for a Christmas gift.

The piece of filet lace I used for the foundation was not long enough to make the flap so I added an extra piece of wide lace to either end.

You can clearly see the elastic cording I threaded across the top and bottom to hold it snug.  And it makes it easy to transfer the cover to another book.

It is exactly the same technique I used when I covered the journal I use to record stitches.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you for showing and sharing. This has inspired me to say the least. I like the idea of the elastic cording.

Happy Autumn creating ~ FlowerLady

Shirlee Fassell said...

Great idea I will have to keep an eye out next time we are antiquing

Debbie Smith said...

Love this idea. I've needed an idea to keep them snug,thanks I'll try this.

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