Prepping my way- Guest book for wedding.

I NEVER take short cuts when prepping my work... Over the years I have developed what works best for me and find a direct correlation in the quality of my finished work and the prep time I put in. 

First when cutting fabric I allow ample margins as often I have had to shift a design and having that extra fabric  has been a godsend.

Second I clearly and carefully baste   critical guides.  Always in red is the all important "stop" line.  All beading and motifs end here.  Nothing is more demoralizing than cutting off beads and needlework when you are finishing a piece.  Having this stop line prevents this.  I do this every single time on every single piece...

The green line is always my goal of the actual size of the finished piece which may vary a bit but I need the line for a guide.  I also do this every single time on every single piece...

On this piece I have a third line which will be the fold line when applying it to the cover of the book.  I only rarely use this step as seldom are edges folded back.

Instead of using the usual filet crochet for my base, this time I am using a piece of fine silk backed with knit interfacing bonded to the back. This is something new I'm trying and am totally making it up as I go along.
I usually use elastic cord to keep a cover taut but I wanted to try a new technique that may give a more finished look.

I bought a pair of women's knee-high nylon stockings.  These are a little denser in weight than ordinary nylons.  My plan was to stretch them over the cover and sew the finished lace cover  to the stocking.  Will it work?  Hope so!
I cut off the heavy elastic at the knee and the rest stretched quite firmly over the cover.  This is not a large guest book...7"x9". Not sure about the next step but so far so good...

I am not a lace snob... Just because some lace is machine made does not mean it is inferior to handmade lace.  There are some really crude handmade laces and some truly exquisite  machine-made laces.  Below is an example of the latter.  This is the sleeve from a very expensive silk  peignoir found at thrift store and is just lovely.  It blends perfectly with the silk and will be the base for the rest of the laces.  I have marked the center for the spine of the cover.  Do not forget to allow extra fabric for the spine.  I can see all my guide lines through the lace. 

I went through my finest laces and picked out the most delicate ones and antiqued the ones which were too white and now I will give them a good pressing.
And below is the picture I will print on fabric use on the cover..  Madison and Ryan... soon to be wed.

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Marilyn said...

oooh, another exquisite Gerry project. I'm eagerly awaiting updates on your progress :)

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