Jewelry Interlude

Well once I got all my beads out and semi sorted I did get quite a few pieces done last month and it has been fun wearing them... After about 4 necklaces though I got bored and you can only wear so much jewelry.

This pendant I bought from a street vendor in Gernany and it has been a favorite.  I had a metal bead necklace I dismembered, blue recycled glass beads from Africa, amber beads from Oregon and red beads from LA  I never fail to receive comments on it and wore it to the doctors this am.

The largest stone here was a piece of raw amber that I bought as a souvenir and mounted on pieces of filigree. There are parts of a necklace and two bracelets combined with it.
The main part of this is comprised of two vintage brooches and added to a upcycled necklace.  Now that I've gotten a good start, have most of the parts sorted, and added  small fortune in new tools and findings, it will be easy for me to pick it up at will and work in short periods of time.
This bird brooch with romantic charms is paired with some old pink lampwork beads.  I put a magnetic clasp on this and it raised havoc with the chains so will have to change that before I wear it again..

I even have a few picked as the next possibility...

I have had this brooch for at least 50 years and it was the first piece of quality heirloom jewelry I bought.  The cameo is hand painted and the mounting hand wrought.  It is labeled as hand made in France.  I do wear I occasionally as a brooch but know I would wear it more often as a necklace.  I may pair it with this pearl cord... Not sure yet/

I love this cameo but it is too delicate to make an impact by itself.  It too has been around for years and  needs to be the center of attention.  I love the soft green...

The third possibility for work is a lovely cloisonné butterfly that I bought in China in 1999 and it has languished every since.


Marilyn said...

They are all lovely but my favourites are the bird necklace and the brooch with the pearls. I don't know how you keep all your ideas in your head :)

Shirlee Fassell said...

And a lovely interlude it was! I love ❤️ them all!

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