A definite challenge

I spent almost the entire summer outside banishing weapons (aka as tools) such as shovel, spading forks, hammers, drills, and saws.  It was a great stress releaser to bang, prune, repair and attack everything in general..  If it was raining I was in the kitchen banishing different weapons but still stomping about as I was listening mostly to the   music of the Statler brothers.  All in all it was a very physical summer.

But like stitching, button painting was at a complete halt for months  except for one special project... a commission by a grandmother for two buttons of a cat  co-owned by two sisters.

The cat was named Hex and I found his eyes mesmerizing.  I happen to have two large MOP buttons that had  very unique coloration which seems perfect for Hex.  I did not paint the background...I just used the natural color of the mother of pearl.

There was another granddaughter who had a pet lizard and I was asked it I could paint a lizard.  I hadn't heard anything for some time so I thought my chance to paint a lizard wasn't going to happen but today I received some photos of and am eager to start.

The elongated body does not lend itself to a round button so it will probably be a head pose.  Meet "Bask!"


Marilyn said...

Its good to see you back. I've missed you but I guessed you were just busy with your garden. I love your idea for journal covers - the elastic is great. I've been busy canning most of the summer - still have some mustards to make and another batch of beet pickles and then I can put the canners away. A friend dropped off part of a huge pumpkin and I have 2 small ones that I am going to dehydrate so I need to get that done too. I am looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine and stitching.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I bet you'll do Bask proud! My grandson had a Bearded Dragon. He built a cage from him that was the size of a screen door, which was the top. He really wasn't much of a pet, but he WAS interesting to watch.
xx, Carol

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