Salvaged needlepoint......

I have to admit I'm getting a lot more done since I haven't been stitching... Tops on the list is clearing and sorting out the barn.. I intended to spend 2-3 hours every morning out there this summer but it actually has been more like only 4 days a week but I am making great progress.. DH is making regular  trips to donate, recycle and dump as fast as I can fill bags.

Of course I'm finding long forgotten treasures...one being a bag of needlepoint pieces from thrift stores.  It always make me sad that someone has done all that work and it ended up in a bin... I feel it is my sacred duty to salvage it and do something with it... I had been meaning to cover this work stool for some time  and finding this green needlepoint  piece  gave me to impetus to do it last night.. The bottom section was a valance I bought last February just for this stool. I was going to remove the fringe but used it as is.   I hate sitting  on faux leather.

I have these other pieces also..  The one on the left is going to cover a foot stool that is in dire need of refurbishing.  The little circle is going on some damaged lace for a piano stool. The large piece is going on another work stool.  My house is filled with work stools, footstools and  work lamps.

I use a pretty quick method to make the cover patterns.  I put a piece of freezer paper on the section I want to cover and using my finger to feel the seam I stick straight pins all the way around.

Then I use a marker to make a
line from pin hole to pin hole.. I only allow 1/4" seam as I like the pieces to fit taut.  It isn't professional quality but it does the job.

And to prove it's the right thing to do is procrastinate some times.  On the back of my computer chair is fabric I have been meaning to cover it with for about a year.. But this old chair does not go up and down anymore so I need a cushion and there wasn't going to enough material to do that too.  I had been waiting for some black velvet to make the cushion but on a recent foray to the thrift store I found this cushion.  It isn't an exact match but close enough that no one will notice and I won't have to make a cushion..  I really should get a different chair and I always try all the office chairs at the thrift stores but nothing ever feels as comfy as this old chair.

And speaking of lamps the BrightTech company is sending me a replacement part...will let you know how it turns out.


margaret said...

how I would lob=ve to visit your barn it seems to be full of wonderful things. A great tip re covering stools etc with the freezer paper as a pattern happy sorting

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm with Margaret on wanting to visit your barn! It sounds like a marvelous place to explore.

Debbie Smith said...

Maybe Mary Poppins lives in your barn, with all the never ending supply of wonderful supplies. Love your freezer paper idea.

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